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Welcome to Kai Kwéol Caribbean Music and Dance, a multi-cultural non-profit (501) (c) (3) organization that seeks to collaborate, educate and entertain the community in Caribbean Music and Dance. The company is based in Cincinnati and is directed by  Flora Leptak-Moreau who grew up in Dominica.

Kai Kwéol Caribbean Music and Dance was founded in 1997 to promote the understanding and appreciation of Afro- Caribbean performing arts, especially dance and music. 

Kai Kwéol Caribbean Music and Dance is an engaging multi-cultural experience inspired by the "Joie de Vivre" of tropical island cultures of the Caribbean. Artistic Director Flora Leptak-Moreau was born in the Eastern Caribbean island of Dominica, home (Kai) to a unique Creole (Kwéol / Kwéyol) mélange of African, native Carib Indian, Dutch,  French, and English colonial influences. 


Kai Kwéol draws upon the traditions of the English, French, and Spanish Caribbean, with their many contributing influences. Caribbean culture resulted from the blending of African, European, and Asian cultures into unique new forms. 


Kai Kwéol is Creole-language for "Creole House," which is literally a form of folk architecture, but metaphorically refers to the multicultural world that we all live in.

Kai Kwéol  Caribbean Music and Dance was incorporated November 19, 2001 to promote the understanding and appreciation of Afro-Caribbean performing arts and to help bridge the gap among people of different racial and cultural backgrounds.

Kai Kwéol presents performances and workshops in schools, at conferences, festivals, and other functions such as birthdays. If you are interested in finding more information about specific workshop sessions such as master class, presentation or performances email us.


Kai Kwéol can tailor a program to meet your needs.

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